Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet Kayla

I'm Kayla, obviously. I have one sister, Katrina. I'd like to think that she and I are pretty close. We spend a lot of time together. Usually I have tons of homework in addition to band and Hogwarts Club stuff (when I can attend that) so I don't have much free time, but on the rare occasion that I do I'm reading in my big comfy chair, giggling with my sister, or playing with my many animals. After graduation I hope to be able to attend Marietta College where I'll major in Education Leadership and minor in either English or French-I haven't quite decided yet. I'm actually new to the newspaper this year and I must admit it's a little intimidating seeing as how I'm a senior and I've never had a journalsim class, but I've found over the past few years that getting involved with new things and challenging myself has made for a great highschool experience.

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