Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flying Eagles defeat our hometown Vikings

By: David Hicks
Last Friday the Ripley Vikings played against the Woodrow Wilson Flying Eagles at Death Valley. The excited Vikings, from the homecoming celebrations and a chance to get a winning record, was cut short as the speed of the Flying Eagles seemed to be enough to over come the Vikings. Our Viking boys fought back with all their might, but they couldn’t beat the Eagles. The final score of the game came out to 53-17 with Eagles coming away with the win. This upcoming Friday, the Vikings head over to Roane County High school to play the Raiders. Please come and help cheer for our hometown Vikings as they play to even out their record.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Viking Pride Board, Take 2

By: Elaika Beaver

The Viking Pride Board
A lot of people are wondering what is the Viking Pride Board? Well, in brief terms it is where all freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors compete against one another to see what class can rise to the top before another.

Ok, let’s say for instance Spirit week here at Ripley if your class has the most spirit each day then you go hirer on the board. Spirit Week is a week to be carefree and have fun and be silly. Why not participate? There is also many other ways to get higher on the board. If the faculty sees’s someone doing a good deed or helping out the school by picking up trash or helping out someone then that looks good on you and your class and your class will raise higher on the board. Plus, it makes the school itself look way more appealing to visitors and us the students. No one would have to pick up anything at all if people would just throw there garbage away, it’s not hard we all know what a trash can is.

There is also a downside you can also go down on the board and lose. A quick example is what if your class does awesome at participating in spirit week and does good deeds through that week but some at breakfast or lunch just thinks there above walking to a trash can to throw it away. That would mean they are not a team player which is definitely not fair in my opinion.

Now I know every person in this school is capable of making their class go above and beyond what is expected so why not do it? The first class that gets to the top gets a prize. I am going to guess the prize is a bonus break or getting into an athletic event for free are the usual rewards. Who knows what it could be this year so do good and make sure you’ll find out and get what ever the prize may be.

New Rules

Elaika Beaver
New Rules

In life there is always change. In Ripley High the rules change a lot. Some good some bad but whether we want them or not, every year they are added and deducted.
A big change this year is parking. Parking has always been an issue at Ripley because we have so many people who drive. Luckily, this year Officer Penson has come up with the parking pass. The parking passes give you permission to park in the senior lot before the people who does not have them. Seniors are given the first chance at a pass and spot to park. The spots are not assigned it is just first come first serve. To get one all you have to do is fill out a form about your car and I believe there are still passes available. So many people I have talked to like the passes and believe it is a fair way to go. Hopefully everyone agrees and there is less complaining.
Speaking of complaining, another change this year I bet everyone approves of is the common lunch. I personally love that on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have one lunch for an hour. Last year we had two lunches and it spilt a lot of friends up. With so many classes lunch is sometimes the only time we can see and talk to our friends. Some freshman have, said two lunches is sometimes confusing as do other people in various grades. It’s still early in the year everyone will become accustomed to the different schedules on different days.
We are only in high school for four years, Yes it seems like a long period of time, but ask people who have graduated; it flies by. I’m a senior this year and I look back and wonder where the time went. So why get upset if the rules or changes in the school aren’t to your liking? Once you’re out and graduated, it won’t even matter.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Controversial television: Gay characters, latest of society issues in media

“Grey’s Anatomy”. “Teen Wolf”. “Torchwood”. “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”. “Bones”. “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. “Pretty Little Liars”. “Glee”. “Law and Order”. What do all of these shows have in common? Yes, they are fairly well-known, popular shows among many different types of audiences, but there is something else—all of these shows feature at least one openly gay or lesbian character. And that is just to name a few of what seems like a never-ending stream of today’ major television shows embracing the gay community. This recent flood of gay characters has left much of our conservative population wondering: What happened to the way television used to be?
Believe it or not, homosexuality is not really new to T.V. the concept of implied homosexuality has been around for—a very long time. For example: “Bachelor Father” (aired in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s) features a male character (the uncle) that takes in his orphaned niece, Kelly and raises her through her teen years. The uncle never marries and solicits help with the more challenging aspects of raising a teenage girl (i.e. dating) from his man servant, Peter. Maybe this is just a happy coincidence. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. However, I would like you to keep in mind some of the other, less suggestive shows of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that featured unusual family values or dynamics, depicting single parent households and non-stereotypical racial roles, such as: “My Three Sons”, “To Rome With Love”, “Julia”—All of which helped to redefine the social structure of America and pave the way for a new generation of television shows, like “M*A*S*H”, the first show on public television to depict a cross-dressing character.
So, all this talk about the historical progression of controversial characters brings us to the question: Why put these characters on T.V. in the first place? Well, a simple, surface answer would be: “to broaden the fan base”. With more and more people embracing and supporting the struggles of societal underdogs (single fathers and mothers playing roles not typically assigned to their gender) it only seems natural for major networks to reach out and cater to the desires of these new audiences. It is the same way now. With Gay Rights at the forefront of both political agendas and media coverage, adding these gay characters is just the networks’ way of shifting along with the sway of social acceptability.
But, if your are looking for more than just a surface answer, you could ask yourself this: What if it’s not the networks catering to the shift in what we think is socially acceptable, but instead, the people who are catering to the idea of a larger truth hidden within these popular shows? Slowly, as more T.V. families have been portrayed as having nontraditional family dynamics, society as a whole has learned to accept that single mothers can be strong and independent, and that single fathers can be caring and compassionate. Similarly, television shows now are depicting gay and lesbian characters as “just another character” (because typically their homosexuality is not the central premise of the show). This realization has made an quite an impact on how many people define what it means to be gay by breaking down many of the stereotypes associated with homosexuality. For instance, if we think about individual characters, it’s easy to see that each one has different interests, hobbies, and personalities, just like every other person in the world. Some like sports, some like dance or choir, some are shy, some are outgoing, some like fashion, others are lucky if they match every morning, some are feminine, some are masculine and some are gay. As more people come to terms with these differences, society changes and so does television, conforming to the reality that gays and lesbians are just people.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Viking girls ready to spike

By: Taryn Matheny

   The volleyball team has been training since the first chance they got to work together. They began working
together in June, practicing and attending different camps to improve their play for the upcoming season.
   The team’s first game was September 6th against Parkersburg Catholic at home. The junior varsity team had a good showing in their play against Parkersburg Catholic and was able to come out with the victory. The Varsity team showed good signs during their play, but were unable to come away with the win. The team played hard and competed well against Parkersburg Catholic. The team has a chance to be a very good team this season if they can just correct a few tiny mistakes they made in their last game. They have a lot of time to work on making these corrections with this being only their first game of the season.
   “We played good, but we need to work on our communication skills,” said Senior Ryne Hill.
   They now know what they will need to do to improve from this to win their next game. The volleyball team’s next game is away at Charleston Catholic where they hope they will improve and be able to come away with the win. If you get the opportunity to come and watch the volleyball team you should definitely take some time and go support them and cheer them on to victory.

Golf starts off swinging

   By: Taryn Matheny

   The golf team has got off to a good start and has been competing well every time they play. They have solid players that are willing to put the extra work in to improve their play for each match. It isn’t a sport of contact or a sport that involves getting ran to death each day, but it still takes a lot of skill to be able to play and be successful in this sport. You always have to account for variables, such as the wind blowing or the grass being wet.
   “We have a solid team that always puts together a pretty good performance,” said Sophomore Taylor Casto.
    The team is always looking to improve. They work each day on driving the ball as well as chipping and putting. They try to prepare themselves for a tough shot that could occur during play.
   “Everybody does their part and always attempts to play at their best,” said Senior Jordan Franklin.
   Each day they will try to get better and improve over the course of the season. The team is happy with what they have done so far and are looking to only get better.

Girls’ soccer: Working hard, playing well

By: Lynzi Acree

The girls’ soccer team is looking forward to a stronger season this year. With a new coach, Missy Ross, and new players, they expect to be more formidable than last year. Six promising freshmen join the team this year. Many players are new to soccer with only eight returning players out of 21.

"It’s really great," says senior Alyssa Brozak, "because when it comes game time, everyone works to together and gives it their all."

The practices are more intense and productive than before, with focus on drills and a lot of running.

Junior Amanda McGreevy says "I love playing soccer because it gives me something to do outside school. The team is great and they help you with anything."

At press time, the team had won one game, tied one, and lost four games. Their next game will be at Hurricane on September 22. Go out and support the team!

Adele ‘21’ provides audience new talents

By: Anni Ashworth

Adele Adkins’ previously released album, “19”, was the perfect representation of her unique voice and showed everyone an incredible new talent. So, with her new release, “21”, her fans were ecstatic for more of her. With her jazz tone still intact, she has toughened her lyrics and totally strengthened her music. The new release is the perfect representation of what Adele has always has shown through her music.
The album is based on her struggle through heartbrokenness and her will to get over it and move on. “Rolling in the Deep,” the album’s first single, provides listeners with the feelings of emotions her words are giving. With her voice tossing and turning, the track is filled with tons of edge.

Another amazing track on the CD is “Turning Tables,” which was featured in the hit TV show Glee following the albums release. In the episode, Gwyneth Paltrow covers the song, along with other tracks from Adele’s previous album, “Ain’t No Way,” “All by Myself,” and “I follow rivers.”

Adele shows much maturity on this album. She's definitely a breath of fresh air, and a well-deserved successful one at that. Overall, “21” shows that she is becoming stronger and that she is not afraid to show us all what she’s got. Hopefully by the time her next album comes around listeners will be just as pleased about it as they are with this epic music.

RHS hosts successful college day

By: Lynzi Acree

College and Career Day was held September 13 in the Chancy Walker Facilities Building. Seniors were allowed to participate before juniors between 1 and 3 pm.

The day was an excellent opportunity for juniors and seniors to meet with college representatives. All West Virginia public and private colleges and universities attended. Every branch of the military as well as several out of state colleges were also present.

One example is, Marietta College has a great leadership program. This college does not look at just your ACT or require applicants to have above a certain score, but the average score is 24. Their next open house will be October 1, and their representive advised that campus visits are extremely important. The school has a rolling admission, which means they don’t have one specific deadline for applications. The total cost for this school is around $39,000.

Another example: Glenville State College is known for education and have been nationally accredited. They have a minimum ACT score of 18. Their next open house is in April. They continue to accept applications until the week before classes begin. The total cost for this school is around $13,400.

Counselor Bea Isner said that she hoped students would gain helpful insight for college majors, admissions, scholarships, and other post secondary options.

College and Career Day was organized by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission for high schools all over the state.

Isner summerized, "The main thing [about this event] is that people take advantage of this opportunity.”

Remaining of September sports schedule

Boys’ soccer
17- @ Cabell Midland
20- Vs. Lincoln co.
22- Vs. Parkersburg
27- Vs. George Washington
29- @ Hurricane
Girls’ soccer
17- Vs. Cabell Midland
22- @ Hurricane
24- @ Spring Valley
29- Vs. George Washington
16- @ Lincoln co.
23- Vs. Woodrow Wilson
30- @ Roane co.
17- @ St. Albans
20- Tri match
27- @ Lincoln Co. Tri
29- Tri match

Random sports: Camel wrestling

By: David Hicks
If bizarre sports had an award this one would win by a gigantic margin. Brother to the Rooster Fights, this sport is less violent and was actually started by Mother Nature. The name is camel fighting, which originated in Turkey. The object of this game is to train your camel to be the best wrestler and have it pin its opponent.
Camel wrestling tournaments start with a great ceremony that relates much to a 4th of July festival in the U.S. The camels are led down the streets with banners laying on them or flown in the air. Music is played as they march down the street. The night before camel coaches and wrestling lovers get together and have communion to meet one each other and show respect.
On the day of the tournament, the arena is filled with hundreds of spectators. The two camels are announced and the wrestling begins. The camels are tied together before a female camel is brought out to increase the aggression of the two athletic animals. The matches only last about 15 minuets long and is very intense, a lot of time the animals flee into the crowd. When one of them cries, gets pinned or sat on, flees the arena, or the trainer throws in the rope (which is the equivalent of throwing in the towel in boxing) the match is over.
The winner is presented a rug and is escorted out of the arena with cheers, while the other is left humiliated. The rug is magnificent giving the camel points with the beauty contest that usually happens later that day. This sport is one that Turkey’s culture believes is filled with discipline and has a lot of tradition. As the day ends, wrestling fans and winning trainers cheer and have fun as they remember and enjoy this great day of camel wrestling.

Boys' soccer playing for wins

By: David Hicks
This year’s soccer season is looking hopeful for the Viking men as they begin playing teams across the state. The team has 15 seniors, most of who have played during previous seasons. Watching these experienced athletes play gives the other 17 underclassmen some great examples to learn from. Having this much experience and hard work at practice gives these boys confidence on having a winning season.
One of these seniors and captain of is Jamin Jones, the starting left forward on the team. He believes that the hard work that his team has done in the off-season will pay off.
“We all have worked hard and have lifted in the off-season, on top of constantly staying busy during practice and keeping the intensity. I feel that if we keep this up we can make it far in to the post season,” Jones said.
The schedule this year is tough for the Vikings; they will play some of the strongest teams in the state, like Parkersburg, who have been favored to win a lot of games.
“We play some pretty good teams, Parkersburg and Winfield being two of them.” Jones said. “We can beat these teams though. If we work hard and get past these first couple of games with wins and keep the momentum going, we should beat these teams with ease.”
The boys have already done just that. They have beat Winfield 3-0, and Greenbriar East 4-2, which has been enough to get the ball rolling. This team’s great potential is starting to be shown on the field and the Ripley soccer fans are excited for this season.
Be looking forward for Ripley soccer to be put on the map as a well-respected program this year. These athletes have been working hard and are ready to give the high school some wins. Come out and support our Ripley boys’ soccer team as they battle George Washington High September 27 at Death Valley.