Monday, September 19, 2011

Boys' soccer playing for wins

By: David Hicks
This year’s soccer season is looking hopeful for the Viking men as they begin playing teams across the state. The team has 15 seniors, most of who have played during previous seasons. Watching these experienced athletes play gives the other 17 underclassmen some great examples to learn from. Having this much experience and hard work at practice gives these boys confidence on having a winning season.
One of these seniors and captain of is Jamin Jones, the starting left forward on the team. He believes that the hard work that his team has done in the off-season will pay off.
“We all have worked hard and have lifted in the off-season, on top of constantly staying busy during practice and keeping the intensity. I feel that if we keep this up we can make it far in to the post season,” Jones said.
The schedule this year is tough for the Vikings; they will play some of the strongest teams in the state, like Parkersburg, who have been favored to win a lot of games.
“We play some pretty good teams, Parkersburg and Winfield being two of them.” Jones said. “We can beat these teams though. If we work hard and get past these first couple of games with wins and keep the momentum going, we should beat these teams with ease.”
The boys have already done just that. They have beat Winfield 3-0, and Greenbriar East 4-2, which has been enough to get the ball rolling. This team’s great potential is starting to be shown on the field and the Ripley soccer fans are excited for this season.
Be looking forward for Ripley soccer to be put on the map as a well-respected program this year. These athletes have been working hard and are ready to give the high school some wins. Come out and support our Ripley boys’ soccer team as they battle George Washington High September 27 at Death Valley.

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