Monday, September 19, 2011

Golf starts off swinging

   By: Taryn Matheny

   The golf team has got off to a good start and has been competing well every time they play. They have solid players that are willing to put the extra work in to improve their play for each match. It isn’t a sport of contact or a sport that involves getting ran to death each day, but it still takes a lot of skill to be able to play and be successful in this sport. You always have to account for variables, such as the wind blowing or the grass being wet.
   “We have a solid team that always puts together a pretty good performance,” said Sophomore Taylor Casto.
    The team is always looking to improve. They work each day on driving the ball as well as chipping and putting. They try to prepare themselves for a tough shot that could occur during play.
   “Everybody does their part and always attempts to play at their best,” said Senior Jordan Franklin.
   Each day they will try to get better and improve over the course of the season. The team is happy with what they have done so far and are looking to only get better.

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