Monday, September 26, 2011

The Viking Pride Board, Take 2

By: Elaika Beaver

The Viking Pride Board
A lot of people are wondering what is the Viking Pride Board? Well, in brief terms it is where all freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors compete against one another to see what class can rise to the top before another.

Ok, let’s say for instance Spirit week here at Ripley if your class has the most spirit each day then you go hirer on the board. Spirit Week is a week to be carefree and have fun and be silly. Why not participate? There is also many other ways to get higher on the board. If the faculty sees’s someone doing a good deed or helping out the school by picking up trash or helping out someone then that looks good on you and your class and your class will raise higher on the board. Plus, it makes the school itself look way more appealing to visitors and us the students. No one would have to pick up anything at all if people would just throw there garbage away, it’s not hard we all know what a trash can is.

There is also a downside you can also go down on the board and lose. A quick example is what if your class does awesome at participating in spirit week and does good deeds through that week but some at breakfast or lunch just thinks there above walking to a trash can to throw it away. That would mean they are not a team player which is definitely not fair in my opinion.

Now I know every person in this school is capable of making their class go above and beyond what is expected so why not do it? The first class that gets to the top gets a prize. I am going to guess the prize is a bonus break or getting into an athletic event for free are the usual rewards. Who knows what it could be this year so do good and make sure you’ll find out and get what ever the prize may be.

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