Monday, October 31, 2011

Students weigh in on policy changes

By: Emma Shinn

The students of Tabby Craddock’s General Psychology class gave a set of survey questions to a random sampling of the Ripley High School population as part of an assignment. The survey asked for students’ opinions on some of the major rule changes that were implemented this year, and for suggestions on what they think would improve the school.
The majority (52%) of students surveyed said that they do like the 8-period day, and that they approve of the switch from block scheduling. An even bigger majority (76%) said that they like having one-hour lunches twice a week, and 81% of survey participants said that they like the rules better this year than they have in years past.
In terms of things the students would change about Ripley high if they could, there was a shocking response. A staggering 72% of students polled said that they thought having year-round school would help them remember lessons better. One student’s specific response included the supplement, “but I would probably hate it.”
Some common responses to the question “What is one thing you would change about Ripley High?” were: allowing cell phones or changing the cell phone policy, switching to open campus and allowing students to leave during lunch, using laptops instead of textbooks, putting in snack machines, returning to block scheduling, and getting school uniforms.
Students also had a lot of opinions on how to improve lunch. Many of them mentioned wanting an hour lunch every day, “better” quality bag lunches and hot lunches, and having lunches separated by grade.


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