Friday, October 28, 2011

The Viking Pride Board

Surprise! There’s another Viking Pride Board going up. A few weeks back the Viking Competition Board was announced, but The Viking Press printed the wrong name for the “thermometer” boards. The true Viking Pride Board will be placed near the alma mater on the wall in the main lobby. Principal Will Hosaflook, with the help of seniors Stephanie Gruber and Megan Randolph (Service learning students in the office), will be the professional on this subject.
Basically, the rules are simple. If you clean up around the school and do good deeds such as pick up trash and throw it away, then you will earn a star on the board. The board is for the entire school as one, so if one person does a good deed or does something bad, we all get punished. The board is new this year and Hosaflook has been very clear that if he sees something he doesn’t approve of, he will announce it on the intercom.
If a student breaks a rule like getting in a fight or littering, there go all of our privileges. The privileges include our one-hour lunches and students, privilege before school and during get to stand outside and in the hallways and talk to our friends it will all be gone. We will all have to be in the gymnasium or the cafeteria at lunch. Everyone enjoys these privileges and wants to keep them, so clean up and keep our school clean. This board is an all-year deal, don’t beat yourself up if we start losing stars because you can earn them back by following the rules and making Ripley High look awesome.


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