Monday, November 28, 2011

The Band Concert

   One thing our school is known for is out awesome band. Our band has won a lot of rewards and has made Ripley proud. The band director Mrs. Poole has done an outstanding job with teaching and coaching all the band members to be as good as they are.
   December 18, there is going to be a band concert in the auditorium Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Right before the band gets started the jazz band will be performing as an opening to the band concert. During the performance the songs Coventry Carol, Feliz Navidad, Christmas on the March, Hallelujah its Christmas, plus a few other bonus songs with be played. There are a few weeks before the play so the soloist if any, have not yet been determined.
   The band consists of 132 students and 35 of them seniors. This concert and the spring concert will be the senior members last at Ripley High.
   The band also does marching performances at competitions and at our football games.
   When asked, Mrs. Pool says that “the students prefer marching band because of all the excitement and the fun music”.
   Concert band is where the learning takes place. The band members are taught the importance of balance, blend and dynamics. This helps the students have a great concert band, but also a fun and exciting marching band next year.


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