Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Student Council works to improve school

It’s been a year of change for Ripley High School, from rules, to staffing, and scheduling. This wave of change applies to our student government as well. If you're unsure as to what they do, check the bleachers after a home football game. Chances are you'll see members of Student Council picking up trash around the area. They also help put together the blood drives, and Spirit Week activities. This year, Student Council members are being granted even more input in matters affecting our school.

“It’s really about putting more control in the students’ hands, turning it over to the kids and letting them do what they need to do. Let it be their year,” advisor Jason Ward excitedly explained.

This is great news for everyone, as the administration and teachers will get a better idea of what the students think should be done to improve the school and the students get to work towards implementing their ideas in a more direct way. Some of the things planned include placing RHS flags along the main road into the school to help give our campus a sense of pride, a Powder Puff football competition, and of course, ideas for Spirit Week.

“It's a great way to be involved with the student body and show your school spirit. As a club we sponsor a lot of activities and try to get the student body active here at the high school,” senior class secretary Markee Shamblin said.

Student Council also branches off by class to work on events such as decorating floats for the Homecoming Parade, and has competitions for things such as hallway decorations throughout Spirit Week. If you have any ideas or concerns about RHS, see our full list of students involved in Student Council in the school handbook.

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