Friday, November 18, 2011

Students weigh in on fads

By: Tabitha Hudnall

Over the years society has witnessed many fads. Some are timeless while others come and go within a week. This is an undeniable part of our culture. It’s hard to pinpoint where a fad comes from. One day you walk down the street or hallway and see someone wearing nice shoes or a cool new hair style. The next thing you know everyone is where the same shoes and the same hair style. It’s a common thing we see with teenagers. Fads include more than clothes though. There are fads in music and movies as well. The newspaper contributed a survey on what the selected students here at Ripley High thought about the subject.

Results show what types of fads students have noticed among the hallways this fall. The most widely noticed were, “fuzzy boots, feathers in people’s hair, skinny jeans, band t-shirts, Sperry’s, and hair poufs.” Eighty-nine percent of the students that took the survey said they have seen fads around the school, but only thirty-two percent admitted to being in a fad. This may be due to students trying to find their own individuality and not wanting to admit being a part of a fad. Some causes of fads spreading are due to widely watched teen shows such as “Jersey Shore”. Teens watch these shows and see styles that capture their attention, so as the result these styles get passed along and turn into fads. Not everybody watches these shows though, so these styles depend on your tastes.

Movies are a big part of entertainment nowadays and fads also go along with them. Recently the big craze has been movies with lots of gore, horror, and drama. Remakes of movies such as “Footloose” and “The Thing” have been common as well. The very well known “Twilight” saga is a hot topic in the movie world as well, and they also bring along clothing fads such as the “Team Edward, Team Jacob” t-shirts. Teens and adults as well love these movies because they include romance, gore, and drama all in one. These movies spark people’s attention because they have all the components that teenagers love and can’t get enough of.

Music will always have its fads that go along with it. In the 60’s and 70’s it was the hippy phase and in the 80’s it was big hair and bright spandex. Today with music we see lots of pop, rap, and hardcore bands. Our surveys gave examples like Lil Wayne for rap, Rihanna and Lady Gaga for pop, and Asking Alexandria for hardcore. Each genre has fashions that go along with them. If you happen to look around the hallways you will see these types of fashions every day. Skinny jeans, baggy t’s, poufed up hair, we’ve seen it all. I think one of the reasons our styles change is due to music. Bands tend to start their own styles that fans like to follow.

Everyone has their opinions on new styles and fads and whether they think they are good or bad is up to them. Fads are good in the sense that they bring groups of people that have similar tastes together. This can also lead to bad outcomes though because it can leave people out.

So next time you are walking to class, at a sports event, or just walking through Wal-Mart, look around and notice the many types of fads our generation currently has. Before you know it they will be gone and new styles will emerge. It is in our nature to change, whether it’s the clothes we wear, movies we watch, or music we listen to.               


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