Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adopt-A-Family creates holiday cheer

“It can have a big impact. It means whether or not a family has a Christmas dinner. It means they have presents for the family,” states an anonymous benefactor of the Adopt-A-Family program (referred to from now on as “Anonymous”).

As the holiday season approaches, some begin to ponder what they hope to receive as a part of the festivities. While one could wish for a wide variety of fancy things, others hope for warm clothes for their family, some food, and maybe a toy or two for their child. Thankfully, programs like Adopt-A-Family are in place to help those households to meet their needs. Adopt-A-Family allows people to “adopt” a family; that is, they can donate necessities to a family in the local area. Items we may take for granted can be given to the family to help ensure them a better Christmas.

Of course, just because there is a program in place, doesn’t mean that help reaches everyone who needs it. Last year, 23 families were not “adopted” by the program. It may not seem like the largest number in the world, but that could be a father, mother, and children wishing for warmer clothes. It could be a struggling single parent providing for a few different children. The individual who spoke to us about the help they received comes from a home that houses five. If you need a better idea still of how many need the help, last year there were 205 local families in need, 48 of those being elderly couples.

“[Without the donations], it would not have been a great time for my family,” says Anonymous.

Certainly, quite a few of us could look through our closets and find a coat from our childhood scattered around; perhaps some gloves that just don’t fit anymore, and maybe even a few scattered toys. These things could just lie around in your house gathering dust, or they could be given to someone who would appreciate it in their troubled times.

“It brings the family closer because they have something to celebrate on Christmas day.”


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