Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Benefits of period scheduling

By: David Hicks

The argument of block scheduling vs. period scheduling has been a common topic for the educational system throughout the U.S. Both have some down sides to them. In some classes, more time is needed like gym in periods Others where less time is needed like math, where you brain starts to short circuit and you start erasing what you learned earlier in the block. I think that from the academic view point, the periods would be the best option.
Both can cause problems for students and teachers alike. For example, teachers in a period will only have 45 minutes for planning. Your physical education will also suffer from the lack of time. In blocks you have a harder chance to recover lost credit because you don’t get half credits and you don’t have classes all year.
Having a lot of time in a single setting like a classroom can have a serious effect on a kid’s grade, having to sit in the same class then forget when you go to the next. The prolong amount of time in block scheduling can only be effective if the student processes the steps or facts into his long term memory, which a lot of times takes repetition. Even if you spent a great deal of time and work to convert it, the students will soon forget it as soon as they leave for next semester.
Periods, the teachers can have the students for two semesters and have a better chance of having them remember what they learned for a great deal of time because of the longer year round practice. This can lead to better standardized test scores and larger amounts of brighter children to go out in the world to make it a better place. This would not be the best options for most schools that suffer in english and reading, because you need to have a greater amount of straight time to read and do activities or modules. However, this is a great way to increase the children’s knowledge in math and science.
In my personal opinion, I believe periods are better for us, the students, and it is only for our benefits. It gives us a chance to have all our classes throughout the year and increases our chance of remembering what we have done in class for a long time even after you have finished it. Periods give us a chance to succeed and I feel that with periods we will.


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