Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Block Scheduling

By: Taryn Matheny

   As a senior in high school, I have had to go through two different types of scheduling. Given a choice, I would choose block scheduling over periods every time. In block scheduling, I was able to get a better understanding of the subjects that I was learning. It was easier when you had one 90 minute class to discuss things when you only have 3 other classes, then everything else doesn’t get confused. Now, however, I go to class, the teacher takes role and I go to my next class. That isn’t really how it goes, but classes are short and we don’t get nearly as much accomplished as before. I get how teachers think, because they can go over a lot more subject matter in a year long class they think you can get more accomplished, but how many kids will remember this stuff? You might cover more in a year long class, but it is very difficult to remember things when you have 7 other classes to keep track of as well.
   In block scheduling, I didn’t have a lot of homework and that might not sound like a good thing, but having a 90 minute class I was then able to get a lot more class work done. I wasn’t always able to understand things, but in a longer class, a teacher can explain things to me a lot easier than in a short 50 minute class. As a middle school student I had period scheduling and a big thing to look forward to was going to the high school and only having four classes a day. As a high school student there are so many extra-curricular activities that it’s just hard having homework every day after school. It is of course very possible to do this, but after a long hard practice that is the last thing you want to do. With block scheduling you have more to do in your classes and less to do after school which allows you to do all of these activities after school and not have to worry about homework.
   Block scheduling might not be the best to prepare you for college, but I know periods have their flaws. Block scheduling is a better schedule for high school students, because they are kids and have a lot of activities that they participate in after school, such as sports, clubs, and extra academics. They have a lot of extra-curricular activities that they have going on to deal with besides school. Yes, I understand that students are always complaining about how they want to be treated like adults, but the fact is they are not adults. You can give them more responsibilities as they get older, but there is a big difference between a freshman and a senior. The freshman would probably have better success with a block schedule, because that would give them more time to go over a specific subject instead of barely going over a lot of things and taking a test on them without really having an understanding on what you have just gone over.
   I understand that college students have jobs and different activities that they have going on as well, but they are all adults. Most high school students are just kids and they might want to be treated like adults, but the majority of the under classmen won’t be able to handle all of the work as well as the sports and other activities they have going on as well. We are being prepared to handle this for the future, but do it by giving a little bit more responsibility at a time and not by a schedule with shorter classes and more homework.
   Block scheduling and period scheduling both have their goods and their bads. In my experience, I would go with block scheduling, because that was what I was more comfortable with. I got a better understanding of my classes and it wasn’t as bad of work to deal with while doing sports. I think this is just a better schedule for high school students.

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