Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Traditions sometimes differ

By: Taryn Matheny

   There are many holiday traditions that have changed or come about over the years. Families have their own traditions they like to do differently from others. Some families have a Christmas dinner with a big Christmas ham while other people have turkey or even deer meat instead for their dinner.
   Almost every family puts up Christmas lights outside to share their Christmas spirit. They may have a blow up Santa Clause or Frosty the Snowman in their front yard. They could have lights strung up all around the side of their house or hanging off of limbs on their trees.
   The tradition of the Christmas tree is also something that seems to have changed over the years. There is the traditional tree with lights and bulbs hanging from it. Some people cut down their own trees, other just by them at the store, and some people even hang theirs up upside down. The upside down Christmas tree has become a big thing recently as some people just wanted to try something different for their tradition.
   There is as well the mistletoe that hangs up and if you are caught under it with another person, you better be prepared for a kiss. Most kids love to set out cookies and milk for Santa Clause to eat as he brings them their presents. Another thing some people drink while they are with their family is eggnog.
   Parents sometimes let their kids open up gifts a little early, whether it is one present the day of Christmas Eve or one from their parents everyday until the day of Christmas. Families usually have to go to many different relatives homes to celebrate. They usually have to go to at least one on each side of the family.
   Traditions have changed and some have faded away while others have just recently come about. Everyone has their own traditions, from the upside down tree to the Christmas ham. It is something special to have those traditions, because every family has their own different way of doing things. New traditions will come and others will go, but Holiday traditions will always be here.


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