Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is 3D worth money?

When you sit down with your family for a movie night, can you tell the difference between the regular version and the 3D version? If yes, then the movie was worth it. In my opinion 3D is not worth it. I think the money could be better spent by making special effects better especially in action movies. When you think about it, is it worth spending millions and millions of dollars to make an only a few aspects in the movie more noticeable?
Older movies that have already been out for 10 to 20 years are getting the upgrade. One of Disney’s best selling classics is “Beauty and the Beast” is getting re-released in 3D. The story line isn’t changing at all in the any of the re-released movies they just have better picture quality, so should they be released again? If the money’s there and the moneys coming then the way movies are produced will always be changing.
Movies that have been released in the last decade are not considered new. Disney movies that are newer are being re-released in 3D in the nest few years. These movies include “Cars”, and “Finding Nemo”. There are many other companies besides Disney, like IMAX and Warner Bros.
3D movies are becoming more and more common. In the next few years all movies in theaters will probably be in 3D to prevent from spending more money re-releasing them. The money to make a movie can be hundreds of millions of dollars. To make a 3D movie can be double what a regular movie is. Just think about how pricey you two hour movie is.


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