Monday, January 30, 2012

Who is even running? A basic summary of the Republican primary

By: Sarah Smith

If you’re an American, this is a very important year for you, especially if you’re old enough to vote. In November, we’re going to pick the single most powerful man in the world (there are no longer any women running). These coming months up through June are especially important if you’re a Republican as you’ll be choosing the man who will be running against incumbent President Obama. After the dropouts of Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, John Huntsman, and Rick Perry there are only four men running for the Republican nomination. As strong proponents of civil responsibility, we here at The Viking Press have compiled a list of candidates and their stances on some important issues to help you make an informed decision about who will run the country.

The current frontrunner or the Republican primary is former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. He’s a Mormon and if he wins the presidency, he will be the most religiously diverse president since John F. Kennedy. He’s pro-life and supports the creation of a Constitutional ban on abortion. He’s against gay marriage and civil unions, but believes gay couples should be able to adopt. He has also expressed interest in creating a traditional marriage amendment to the Constitution. He blames old welfare programs for our current economic problems and believes welfare reform is the best way to fix them.

Rick Santorum took first in the Iowa Caucus but fell out of the top three in the New Hampshire primary. He is a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania. This is the one you’ve heard of saying that gay marriage was essentially the same thing as bestiality and pedophilia. He’s one of the most conservative candidates in the race. He opposes marriage, unions, and adoption rights for gay couples, wants to put a federal ban on abortion, defund Planned Parenthood, and is dead set against legalizing marijuana. He wants to remove sexual education from schools and insert teaching that abstinence as the only birth control method.

Ron Paul was third in the Iowa Caucus and second in the New Hampshire primary. A U.S. Representative form Texas, he’s pro-life and supports a federal ban on abortion. However, he does support stem cell research on a donation basis. His official profile says he supports state’s rights to decide on the legalization of marijuana though he has supported bills to legalize marijuana in the past. Paul wants to cut spending but his official profile does not say which kind of spending he wishes to cut. He says the government should stay out of the “gay agenda”, though we’ve had no word yet on what that means.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was out of the top three in Iowa and New Hampshire but won South Carolina. Gingrich believes that education is and hard work will lead to a better life. Education is his answer to the current economic struggle. He is pro-life and supports a federal ban on abortion. He wishes to deny funding to Planned Parenthood and stem cell research. He is against adoption rights for gay couples, but believes they should be afforded some rights as couples. He also wants to deny welfare to teenage mothers.

If you’re a Democrat, Barack Obama is your man. He’s the only one running so there isn’t a Democratic primary for this election. The choice was made for you by the other Democrats who didn’t run.

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