Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dance Dress Code

With the oh-so-romantic month of February quickly approaching, love struck students and those eyeing up a potential love-bird will likely be preparing for February 11, the day of the Sweetheart Ball. This year the theme will be “Passport to Paris”, the price will be 7$ for singles and $12 for couples for tickets sold at school, and the price will be $10 for singles and $15 for doubles at the door. If you’d like to take advantage of the lower prices, ticket sales will start on February 2, and will end on February 10. The dance will be from 8 to 11 PM, but doors will open at 7:30 so couples can get pictures. The colors will be gold, silver, red, and maybe some white, and a 7 foot tall lighted Eiffel tower is planned. Junior nominations for King and Queen Candidates will take place as well.
When it comes to the dances, however, a bit of an issue tends to form in the way of outfits for the occasion. From time to time, students have to be turned away due to inappropriate dressing. No offense intended, but this usually means a girl’s dress, and generally for not covering up enough. For this year’s Sweetheart Ball, the administration is trying to meet the students halfway. While the school’s dress code is being used as a basis, there is a bit of common sense being applied to it. Strapless dresses are allowed, and generally you just need to make sure your outfit fits well and that you aren’t showing more than you should. Also, whatever rumor you’ve heard about using flashlights or rulers to gauge dresses is false. It’s important to stress that if you try to get by with a dress that doesn’t meet standards, there won’t be an exception. Another issue that needs to be mentioned is grinding. The rule is to face your partner, as not everyone wants to see that at a dance.
While the dress code is in our student handbook, in addition to being on our school website, sometimes it might be hard to properly judge if your attire meets standards. If you’re uncertain and want to ensure you won’t be turned away at the door, you may take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit, and show it to assistant principal Bev Shatto for review. This can save a lot of headache and turmoil for students and chaperones alike. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and a last-minute date at McDonald’s might not make a preferable substitute to the Sweetheart Ball if you are not permitted entry, let alone all of the money you could possibly waste.


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