Monday, February 13, 2012

Fine Arts Courses

Ceramics: The Ceramics class has been offered for a few years at Ripley High School; it is a hands-on class taught by Debbie Sisson for students who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In this half-credit course, students learn the basic methods of hand-building, how to recycle the clay, and how to glaze. The difference between aesthetic pottery and functional pottery is also taught. Students have the chance to make ceramics that they can keep and display or give away. As far as sign-ups go, Sisson prefers to keep the class to around 15 students, so if you are interested you should sign up quickly to try and get a spot.

Creative Art-Drawing Painting: This half-credit course will be taught by Debbie Sisson, who has not been able to offer yet. It will need approximately 10 students to sign up to take the class, otherwise it will not be offered. The course will cover all the basics of drawing, color theory, and methods of painting such as tempera, water-color, and acrylic. Mrs. Sisson strongly recommends that students already be strong with basic art, and have taken Art I.

Intro to Theater: Intro to Theater is a course for students who would like to get their fine arts credit, but who are not necessarily musically inclined, comfortable with art, or who don’t really want to get on stage and act. Intro to Theater will be coupled with a Film/Video course, as both are half-credit classes. Intro to Theater itself would be an overview of different famous playwrights, basic stage terms, directions, and a few important theatrical movements such as Kabuki Theater and American musicals.

Individual Technique – Vocal Music: This is a new half-credit course for students looking to improve their vocal techniques taught by Lily Corathers. You do not have to be able to sing perfectly to take the class; if you want to sing you join. There is a lot of solo work; students will be expected to perform in front of their class and at a Solo Ensemble. A couple styles that will be explored are classical and Broadway singing styles. The class is essentially a one-on-one vocal lesson. Students are graded on participation, showing their improvement throughout the course, and showing an understanding of comments and criticism. “It’s going to be really fun,” says Mrs. Corathers.

Music History: Music History is a half-credit course that will be taught by one of the music teachers. Music History is more or less the same as a Music Appreciation class, the reason for the change being that it will be presented more as a social studies class that studies music. The course will begin covering the history of music from the start all the way to the present day. Students will be able to recognize forms and trends within the music. You do not have to be able to read or write music to join the class, although you will likely end up learning some notes along the way.


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