Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who is going to win an Oscar

By: Sarah Smith

The Oscars have always been an irritating thing for me. For the most part the movies that win awards are movies I’ve never seen or even heard of that look more arts than entertaining. This could be because awards are based on artistic quality rather than viewership. “Twilight” has never won best picture. Well, good news! I’m here to tell you what movies are slated to win Oscars so you can pretend to know what you’re talking about when you watch the awards with your parents.

“The Artist” is probably going to win best picture. And you’ve never heard of it. Want to know why? It’s a mostly silent film. And the few words that are in it are in French. It’s in black and white. Odds are if you’re the average teenager, you’ve already stopped paying attention. It’s a throwback to the golden age of film, and apparently it’s pretty good. Good enough to guarantee leading man Jean Juardin a nomination for Best Actor, and he might win it if George Clooney doesn’t win for the Descendants.

“The Descendants” could be the come-from-behind winner of Best Picture. It’s the story of a man’s (Clooney) search for the man his wife cheated on him with. You may have seen this one as it was in actual American theaters. Shailene Woodley (the teen mom from “Secret Life of the American Teenager”) could garner a nomination for best supporting actress from this one too.


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