Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Boys' basketball ends with new wisdom

By: Anni Ashworth

   This year’s boys’ basketball team faced many challenges, from being an inexperienced team to losing one of their key players, senior Cody Miller, to an ankle injury early in the season.  However, they have also gained new wisdom from those challenges.  
   “We’ve learned more skills on working together and how to face the difficulties we did have this season more productively,” junior Cody Sanders said.
   After a losing streak, winning their first match against Ravenswood High January 20th at 59 to 50 was a very big accomplishment for the team because the Red Devils are the team’s biggest rivalry.
   Unfortunately, following that win they made little progress in increasing their standings in the ranks throughout the rest of the season.
   Nevertheless, they were able to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses which will benefit in their upcoming 2013 season. Ending the season against Capital High school, the team is looking forward to a more productive year to come.
   “As a team we’re looking forward to taking what we learned this year and being more productive with it next basketball season,” junior Tyler Kidd commented.

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