Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness

By: Taryn Matheny

   March is coming up and that means its time for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. People will be filling out brackets, there will be many upsets, a Cinderella team most likely will emerge, and it truly will be madness.
    For many teams, such as West Virginia, Texas, Harvard, and a few others, this is when they want to step it up and make a final run and get themselves into the tournament. If a team can get into the tournament, then their record doesn’t really matter anymore. It becomes a whole new season for everybody. Any one team could have their night and upset a higher seeded opponent.
   Seeds in the tournament are determined by how a team’s record is at the end of the regular season compared to other teams. The number seed you get doesn’t always mean you have it easy; any lower seed could beat a higher seeded opponent at anytime. However, throughout the history of the tournament no number one seed has ever been beat by a 16 seed. The higher the seed is supposed to mean that you get an easier road to the final four, but it doesn’t always happen that way. The winner of each conference tournament gets an automatic bid to the tournament no matter how their record has been up to that point. By having this, it can knock some of those teams that were on the bubble out of the tournament.
   There is always that unexpected team which becomes the Cinderella team for that year and beats teams that no one would ever think they could have. In recent years, teams to do so would be Dayton, which was led by Stephen Curry who averaged 30 plus points a game during the tournament, and of course George Mason that took out teams like UNC, Connecticut, and Michigan State before losing in the Final Four to eventual National Champion, the Florida Gators.
   On any given night, any team could upset another team. It becomes a new season with everyone just trying to survive and make it to the next round. You never know what could happen in these games. Most teams will play as if there is no tomorrow, because in fact for some of these players there is no tomorrow.
   It has become known as March Madness, because of how insane things are in this tournament. No team has an easy road to the Final Four. There will be many great games and I would encourage you to fill out a bracket and have some fun watching this tournament and cheering on your favorite teams. March Madness will always be an event full of upsets and that is why it will continue to be so viewed. If you want to see an exciting event, then you should definitely watch some of the many games going on this March.

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