Thursday, March 8, 2012

'Modern Warfare 3' fun for individuals or friends

By: Megan Mobley

“Modern Warfare 3” is a ridiculously fun game. You get to shoot virtual people, and you can pull the sneak attack on them, which is always fun. I absolutely loved it. My character died often but it was still a blast.

The goal in story mode is to kill Makarov. If you play online your goal is to kill as many people who are not on your team as possible. If you play not online but against your friend, your goal is to kill them before they kill you. You can choose to be allies or enemies. You get to pick your own character but you only get to pick between two options. You don’t get to change anything about them. For hidden features, you can collect enemy intelligence.

Graphics in MW3 are better than in the first two. The plot of the whole game is to stop Soviet Russia, save the presidents daughter, and kill Makarov.

It isn’t a hard game. It just challenges you a little. You have to have good hand-eye coordination. I don’t so that’s why I kept dying. You also have a map on the left of your screen. When an enemy is coming a little red dot will show up, telling you where they are. If you’re playing against just your friend a dot will not show up unless they shoot. Only then will you be able to see what area they are in. It doesn’t stay long though. It will quickly fade away so you have to watch for it. If you aren’t hidden somewhere you have to be careful looking at the little map. Somebody might be behind you and you won’t know until it’s too late.

If somebody came up to me and asked me what I rated this, I would say a ten-out-of-ten. Anybody who is age appropriate should play this game. It will amuse you for days.

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