Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Negative Campaigning ruins Images

By: Elaika Beaver

Running for president can be a long, tiring and stressful decision. On top of that you have the other candidates and press that will say and find anything to throw you under the bus. For something as important as the presidency, slander and disagreement is something most candidates use to get ahead. Persuasive talking is key in getting votes. However, what you say and do to help your campaign or hurt others always comes back to you, so you must be cautious.
Republican’s Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul have different views and morals. When it gets to the point where you start name calling on live television, then you’re just sinking to low. Rick Santorum said that Ron Paul is “disgusting”. If he does think this, then that’s fine, but a man wanting to run our country is name calling like a middle school child. Some opinions need to be kept too yourself and this is one of them. I’m not saying he’s the only candidate that has said something derogatory towards the other; they all have said one thing or another about each in some manner.
Another thing that needs to be left alone is what candidates did in their past. I get there are certain things that should be brought up, like if someone broke the law or were incarcerated for some reason. When it is something simple and people make a big deal out of it, we are going too far.
For instance, a few weeks back Mitt Romney was reminded of some baggage that happened almost 30 years ago. Romney and his wife and five kids were going on vacation and strapped the dog kennel with the dog in it to the roof of the car. Americans love animals, and he is not the only person to have ever done this. The dog is fine. A lot of people who go on vacation do this all the time, but just because he is running for president, drama of course needs to be raised.
However, with all the negative things being said and brought up about candidates, they remain strong and are willing to take it. They are willing to stand up for what they believe and what they disagree with. What this country needs is a president with a back-bone that gets the job done no matter what and keeps personal opinions to themselves.

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  1. Yeah runing for president my be long tiring and stressful but try running on the track team. THATS A REAL SPORT!