Friday, March 30, 2012

Robotorium Auditorium

We haven’t been in the auditorium much this year. The initial reason might seem pretty obvious. Work has been ongoing in ripping out the seats and replacing them, right? Well, partly so. See, the first part is correct; work has been ongoing in ripping out the seats. But they won’t be replaced. Instead, the auditorium has been rented out to robotics teams within the state. The teams can come into the auditorium at any time during the school day or weekend and work the kinks out in their robots.

Why use our auditorium? Why not train at theirs or in their local gymnasiums? The answer is simple. Ripley High School is now the host of the only downhill incline in all of the West Virginia schools that is, at the moment, not being used for anything else. When building robotic competitors for the Robot Fighting League (of which the closest local chapter is in Cleveland, Ohio), they need to be ready for all kinds of conditions: uphill slopes, downhill slopes, opposing robots, and very loud announcers. Our auditorium is the perfect place to allow for such rigorous and pertinent training regimens.

Better-built robotic competitors aren’t the only advantage, as we’re renting the auditorium out which results in more income for the school. We can use that income for all sorts of improvements around the campus, such as newer water fountains, new tiling for the floors, new computer mice, new support beams in some of the classrooms, a fresh dose of white paint on the walls, improved speakers for classroom announcements, and for huge 1080P televisions in every classroom. All of this could be achieved in approximately six decades with the large amount of income received.


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