Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'This Means War' is Hilarious

By: Elaika Beaver

What do you get with action, adventure, comedy and romance? A really great movie that has good acting and will make you laugh. “This Means War” was a very satisfying movie, well worth going to the theatre to watch with a date or just a group of friends.
This film has some well known actors and actresses in it. Reese Witherspoon plays Lauren Scott, a woman that two men fall in love with. Tuck Henson (Tom Hardy) wants to find love so he goes to a dating website for help. There he finds Laurens profile, which was set up by her friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) to help her with men. Lauren and Tuck decide to have lunch, but Tucks friend FDR Foster (Chris Pine) wants to make sure his friend is making a good impression. Tuck’s date with Lauren goes great and they plan on seeing each other again. Then Lauren goes to get a movie down the street where she runs into FDR. They also hit it off, so then when both guys find out they are dating her, the war begins.
This movie was entertaining to watch to see what two friends will do to win a girl. Not only just to get her, but a lot of it was for their pride to see how much they could sabotage and push each other and who would come out on top.
In the end both men remain friends and she does pick one guy to be with, but both guys get their girl.

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