Monday, April 2, 2012

Point-Counterpoint-Bean bags should replace desks

By: Taryn Matheny

   Desks have been causing problems in the school system throughout the years. They are uncomfortable and painful, making it difficult for kids to focus on their work during school. Desks have been considered to be the number one reason for high school drop outs. Students say that the pain is just too much for them to bear. Bean bags will increase test scores, class participation, and the overall positive attitudes of the students.
    Students normally leave the classroom in pain after being in the cold hard desks for an entire class period, but with the new idea of the bean bags, this will never be a problem again. Now, most people would ask; how you are going to write sitting in the bean bag? It has nothing to lay your paper on for support while writing. This is why every student would be given a clipboard to clip their assignments to and write on. A desk gives you the feeling that you have just been run over by a truck after you get up from sitting on it, but a bean bag will give you the feeling that you are floating on a cloud even when you’re off of it. Bean bags have been recommended by 22 out of 566 chiropractors in a survey taken across the United States.
   I say it is time to take out the old and bring in the new by bringing in the bean bags. Students will increase test scores by having these bean bags, because instead of losing focus while listening in class they will be in such comfort that it will make school fun. It will have students bouncing up and down to answer questions, because they will have a much better attitude during classes. Desks have done a lot of bad; they have even made school so intolerable for students that they just give up. If Ripley High School wants to be the best, then we are going to have to use the best, right down to the chairs that we sit in to learn.
   I believe from the reasons that I have given should convince people to change into using bean bags. If you want to help the cause for bean bags over desks, then you should join us April 23 at the Board meeting to try and convince them to change. Let’s make Ripley High School a comfortable school.

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