Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Board of Education approves ski team

By: David Hicks

Jackson County Board of Education had a meeting last Thursday to discuss the activity that the whole school is crying for. The ski team was the main topic and would it be allowed was the question. Between the budgeting and the long trips, the board had to think long and hard about their decision.
The main problem was how they were going to get the kids to the slopes every day and how will they train. Coach Tabitha Craddock, who skied in college, said that it will be no problem, that they could just coat the streets with ice and ride down the hills, or just go off the hills all around the school. Then later they can set up a mock track and a simulation course so that they only will have to go to the actual slopes twice a month.
After the board conversed about the idea, they decided to give the student athletes what they want. If you are interested, go see Coach Craddock and she will give you information that you will need for next year. Something you will need to know is that you will have to pay for your own equipment and expenses until the Boosters can help support this newly found team.
You will also get to compete against several schools around the state and the nation at different slopes. Some schools like Beckley, who have been state champs for several years, will be just some of the opponents you will have to face. To get a feel of what you will be doing, just watch News Channel 3 at s7 p.m. to witness the finals at Beckley April 8.

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