Monday, April 2, 2012

A hip new sport

By: Logan Moore

   A recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico that I made enlightened me on a brand new sport. After making a few friends there, they showed me the ways of “Hip Tossing”, a strange name that fits the sport in several ways.
   The object of the game is to swing small fruits across a field and see how far they get. First, imagine a person with two lovely melons tied on the belt loop of their hip with a tiny string. All of the sudden, they’re circulated their hips around quickly and then twists them to the side. The melon flies off the string and splats on the 15 yard line of the playing field. It was quite a site to watch, but I had to try it myself.
   There was a rule debriefing, but the game didn’t have a whole lot of rules. You can’t cross the line that’s laid before you, and you have to keep the fruit on the field or it doesn’t count. After the regulations, a man tied two heavy cantaloupes attached to a thin string, just strong enough to hold them. The box was about 10 yards wide, nothing too special about it. I started swinging my hips around and twisted my hip to the side to break the string. The melon rolled and hit the 7 yard mark; not too great. I did the same with the other melon and got it just a few inches further.
   Although the pain I experienced in my hips afterwards, the sport was a lot of fun. Hopefully Ripley High School adopts this sport as our own and we’ll have our very own “Hip Tossing” sports team.

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