Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunch schedule changes, improves student health

By: Taryn Matheny

   Ripley High School is going to be changing its schedule once again next year by getting rid of the two lunches and changing it to five lunches. This will be a hard change for most students because they are used to eating lunch once a day, but next year students will only get to eat once a week. This has been passed by the school board because they are looking to make our students skinnier.
   This year, if you have 5th period in the Annex, you have first lunch; if you have 5th period in the main building, then you have second lunch. Next year, if you have 5th period in the bottom of the annex then you will have lunch on Monday and if you have class on the top floor of the Annex then you have lunch on Tuesday. Students that have class on the bottom floor of the main building will have lunch on Wednesday and students that have class on the top floor of the main building will have lunch on Thursday. The lunch given to students on Friday will be for students that have a 5th period class in the gym, Music building, theatre or if you are taking co-op.
   Students will be given a one hour lunch on the first Tuesday of every month where they will spend 15 minutes of their lunch walking around the track in an effort to try and make them skinnier as well. Students will also be given smaller portions in this new five lunch deal. With only having to serve lunch for fewer students, the school will also be able to use more of their money for things such as sports programs or academics.
   The lunches will be cut down from 30 minutes to 15 minutes with the new laws that have been passed throughout the state. It says that a student only has to have ten minutes to eat lunch, so you will actually get five more minutes than most schools. You will be provided with snacks, such as fruit every day in your 5th period classes, however, it will only be a cup of your choice of fruit.
   The five lunches will be a hard transition for most students to make, but it will help in making students healthier and in the long run will let you feel better about yourselves. Students will get even more time in the class room to learn and it should help our students to have a better diet. This will be a great change for Ripley High School.

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