Monday, April 2, 2012

Ms. Okes finds man of dreams, marries

By: Elaika Beaver

Emily Okes has been an English teacher at Ripley High for four long years now. She recently has announced to a select few students that she is married. Of course the big rock on her finger gives it away to, though only recently started wearing it. Shockingly, she has been married since Christmas break. Okes will be leaving the work life, but will continue to with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. She will campaign for teacher’s rights to get them higher wages.
Okes says, “I will miss teaching very much and will dabble in it time to time. I am having a school for underprivileged kids built in South America. It will be done by the end of summer.”
Her new husband is 32 year old Tyler Phillips from Kansas. They met while Okes was visiting her cousin who served as a missionary in Bolivia. Phillips was with a group of doctors who was visiting the orphanage. They hit it off over a dinner of Yuka.
“He is an awesome guy and dinner was a lot of fun”. Okes says.
Phillips is a wealthy man and travels the world as an orthopedic surgeon who volunteers for Operation Smile. He travels to third world countries to perform much -needed surgeries on kids and adults who have not properly developed usually due to poor medical treatment or malnourishment.
Okes and her new husband will have a home base in Elkins, West Virginia. For the most part of the year, though, they will be traveling across seas for Phillips’ job.
Okes said “I couldn’t be happier in life. He’s the swellest guy in the world.”
This will be a sad loss for the school; she is a good teacher and will be missed by many. We hope she has a happy life and hopefully comes back to visit.

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