Monday, April 2, 2012

New Constitution changes the way America rolls

   By: Logan Moore

   Just recently, American archaeologists have discovered a revision of the American Constitution written by the same founding fathers, just a few years after the original that our country has been founded on.  Apparently, many Americans disagreed with the way the original was written, and they demanded a change. The new constitution was found in Philadelphia, where the original version was written as well, in a chest buried deep in the local park. News of this has been brought to President Obama, and this new constitution is going into consideration as to whether or not we should use it or not. What could this mean for us as the people?
   Probably the biggest change to the constitution was the First Amendment. Freedom of speech was revised to only allow people who have jobs issued by or businesses approved by the government to speak with the freedom we have today. Those who are not contributing to the nation will not have the right to say as they please. This is to prevent those who are not giving the nation anything any way to destroy it. The right to assemble is also similar to this, meaning you have no legal way to meet with others if you don’t have a job. This is to prevent unions and possible threats to the government.
   Freedom of the press has also been changed to only allow newspapers that are approved by the government to print as they please. Any sort of propaganda against the government will be allowed, and if such happens, it will not be tolerated. Consequences include total shut down of the newspaper company in general, and jail time depending on the case. It’s also pretty fair to note that the right to petition has been completely taken out.
   Arguably, the biggest revision to the First Amendment was the freedom of religion. The government will only allow one religion to be worshipped in America – Christianity. Any other practices are punishable by law, which had some pretty extreme punishments, such as multiple years in jail, but this is mostly up to the states.
   Many people have been pretty accepting of this new set of laws. Samantha Slipgrass claims:
   “I think this new constitution can give a change to America that it needs. I’m hoping that Congress decides to pass this so that I can live in a nation that’s not full of pointless freedoms we don’t need.”
   Much more research will have to go into this in order to implement it in the history textbooks. Historians are already on the case and have dedicated a website to the findings. Although much could be changed, it’s still only up for consideration by Congress if we should implement this as law. If you would like a full list on the changes, go to

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