Monday, April 2, 2012

Point-Counterpoint-Desks are best

By: Sarah Smith

Why do we complain about desks so much? The desks here at school are amazing, and we have no reason to complain. We could all be sitting on the floor like cavemen, but we are not thanks entirely to our fantastic desks. Besides, our desks have several advantages that we would not have if we used any other form of classroom seating.

The tops of our desks are wonderful places. Who hasn’t enjoyed the thoughtful, sensitive works of art that have been scratched into the desktops over the years? And who could complain about the ample amount of space our desks give us for completing our work? Just the other day, while admiring a lovely swastika carved into my assigned seat, I was thinking “Wow! It’s so convenient how roomy these desks are. I have an abundance of space for all my materials. How impressive.”

Then there’s the bottom of the desk. First, you have the flat plastic seat. This seat is so comfortable that I have more than once been tempted to remain after the class-change bell rang just to enjoy it for a few minutes more. Then there are four skinny little legs, much like the ones that hold up an adorable newborn horse. Those legs have never failed to hold up a student, and their support is comparable to the support of our student section for our athletes at sporting events. Lastly, there are the caps on the bottom of the chair that stop it from scraping the floor. There are always one or two chairs per classroom that are missing a couple of those caps. Like most of the student body, at the beginning of each new year I sprint to my new classes to try and claim one of those seats as my own. It’s as much fun as a rocking horse without the annoyance of actually resembling a cute animal. And the squeaking noise they make? Like Heaven for ears.

All in all, the desks we have are awesome. Don’t quote me, but they might be the best desks in the whole world. I wish I never had to graduate so I could remain seated in a high school desk for the rest of my life

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