Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pranking ideas and tips

By: David Hicks

April Fool’s day is here and this means plenty of pranks and laughs. However, how do you know if your knock-out joke is going to be funny or make people just plain angry? Will this hurt someone? What is the possibility of this being a dud? These are things that you need to consider, but I have several pranks that are fool-proof and good fun for everyone. Well, except for the victim.
One of these pranks that is quite easy to do and is pretty funny to watch is the confetti car. It’s really simple. You just need a bag of confetti, a piece of paper, and a victim’s car. When the car is turned off, go into the car and open all the vents. Then, take the paper and use it like a funnel to pour the confetti into the air vents. The final step is to turn on the A/C all the way; this will send the confetti exploding out of the car’s air vents when the driver starts the car. The driver will generally scream or get extremely scared, but when it’s all said and done, if the victim can take the joke, they will laugh at this harmless prank.
Another good one is to Post-It note someone’s bedroom, car, or locker. This takes a good amount of Post-It notes, but is well worth the long, mind trying patients. First, pick your victim’s belonging that you’re going to use. Then gauge how much you’re going to need, but buy more just in case you have some accidents. This is quite harmless and very funny. The first reaction to the massive amount of sticky notes in their room will be one of confusion and bewilderment, but they will come to enjoy it.
There are thousands of pranks that one can do, and if you can’t think one up, then look it up on the internet. Just make sure you do your job and get your pranks done because this is the one time of year that it is basically acceptable no matter what you do. Just remember what you do comes around ten-fold, so be careful how far you take your pranks.

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