Monday, April 2, 2012

Prom dress code changes again

By: Anni Ashworth

Everyone at Ripley High has been crossing their fingers, waiting for the new prom rules this year. Buying dresses has been put off and pictures have been sent in for the approval of principals. However, no one was expecting the rules that are actually being put into effect for the event.
After receiving many pictures of dresses that were inappropriate and unfit for high school prom attire based on the student recommended policy, our principals have came together and decided to take the dress code into their own hands. They have restated the entire thing, starting with new criteria for what the dresses have to cover. Dresses must be at least knee length and cover elbows and necks. No one will be allowed into the dance if their dress breaks even one of these guidelines. There is also a new rule about how tight dresses can be. No feminine features such as curves can be visible through the tightness of a dress. The last, most surprising rule is that all prom attire must be at least an inch thick. This will help with any of the basic rules being broken and also helps with the heating price issues that are currently in effect at the venue.
Basically, if you’ve bought a dress previously, now would be the time to send it back. Attire must follow the new guidelines or you will be kicked out of prom. On the positive side, finding something that fits the new criteria will probably be more fun than the actual dance.

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