Monday, April 2, 2012

Quabble sport not for baby, whiners

By: Megan Mobley

     While trekking through a rain forest after having my plan crashed, I came upon a lost civilization. These people called themselves the Zomquables. They let me stay with them a few days to regain my health.
     One day I traveled outside and saw them playing a game. They called it Quabble. I called it crazy.
     I asked them what the object of the game was. They said that individually you want to have the zingo at the end of the game. You will have 6 players to a team.
     For equipment, you have to have a zingo, slanth, and prume. A zingo is as big as a base-ball, slanth as big as a dodge-ball, and a prume as big as a basketball. Players can wear knee pads. Both teams will bring a horrible creature that will attack the other team anytime they try to shoot. You have to be quick, and brave.
     To get a point, you have to hit and knock all of the balls out of the other team’s hand. If you punch, kick, bite or attack, you lose 5 points. You are allowed to push and trip others though.
     You have to be strong and able to run. You have to fend off other players and run and down the field. Throwing would also be another good ability. If you get hit with a ball you can’t be a baby and whine about it. Nobody likes to play with a baby. If you whine you get stuck with one of the horrible creatures for about 5-10 minutes.
     Their playing field is as big as a football field. Basket-ball hoops will be at both ends. Walls would be behind both hoops. Random traps will be placed all over the field because it makes the game more interesting to the viewers. Some of the traps with contain holes with spikes on the floor and walls. There will be a hole that leads you to a big thing of water. Tubes and tunnels will be placed randomly and will lead to a bunch of places under the field.
     The Zomquables had a lot of fun while they were playing, nobody was seriously injured. I would have played but I wasn’t in shape. It was crazy, but also pretty cool.

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