Monday, April 2, 2012

Zoos authorize seal "clubbing" parties

By: Megan Mobley
     Zoos are now throwing parties for seals in captivity. They find that seals are under a lot of stress trying to impress all of the kids that come to see them. Scientists think that if they are thrown a party every week, all the stress that has heaped upon their tiny, little shoulders will eventually kill them. Do you want them to die? People think that since they aren’t humans, they aren’t that important. Seals are just as important as any other living creature. They deserve to have some of the same things that we have. They cannot take all of this stress.
     I am in favor of throwing parties for seals. They work hard, everyday, for our amusement. They deserve something in return. Why is giving them a break such a bad thing? They sit in their little habitats just eating and sleeping every day. That is a horrible life. Having to be lazy all day and not having to work for a living. Food is brought to them every day. That is just a terrible, terrible life that nobody wants. They need to be able to relieve all of that stress with a party.
     The people who are against all of this are wrong, plain and simple. They are just jealous because nobody loves them and everybody loves seals. Well, they just need to realize that everybody thinks they are wrong and hates them. They also need to learn that their moms never loved them.
     I am right in pushing zoos to have little seal parties. They need them to have an eventful life. The parties aren’t going to be themed even though they should be. It saves money to not have a different theme each time. People will be invited to party with the seals too. Everybody wants to party with seals.

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