Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Award Ceremony Schedules

By: Tabitha Hudnall

            Informal Awards this year are set to be Friday May 11 and Formal Awards will be the week after, Friday May 18.  Informal Awards are on the same date as the AP United States History exam, so students taking the test will go to lunch when finished and then return to go to the informal awards.
            Informal Awards are meant to be for all members of the school.  Teachers and Coaches will be giving awards to students who have excelled throughout the year.  Awards are also given for competitions, clubs, and for sports.
            Formal awards are to recognize the seniors and their accomplishments throughout their school careers.  This ceremony gives students and colleges to award scholarships, announces Valedictorian, honors graduates are recognized and awards and scholarships from clubs and sports are given. After the Formal Awards are over the seniors are allowed to leave the school. Family members are welcome to attend.

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