Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tim Burton puts a new twist on an old favorite

By: Danielle Vealey  
With May brining in a handful of new movies, “Dark Shadows”, is coming out as well. The movie is based on the TV show “Dark Shadows” of the 1960s. The movie is to have a star filled cast, including Johnny Depp, Michele Pfiefer, and Helena Bonham-Carter. Tim Burton being the director of this film, he has taken it and turned it into something of his own.
   The original “Dark Shadows” began in June 1966 and lasted until April 1971. There were five complete seasons of the show about Barnabas Collins, a vampire, and strange events that occurred around him. Jonathan Frid played Barnabas in every season of the show and he was also in “House of Dark Shadows”, the first movie based off of the series that focused on finding Barnabas a cure and searching for love amidst his burdens. Frid just recently passed away of old age on April 14, 2012. He was 87.
   Tim Burton has made this latest installment more humorous than serious. He has focused on making people laugh more, rather than scaring anyone or making the audience sad. Depp, playing Barnabas Collins, was locked in a coffin by a witch who cast a spell on him in the 1700s. He wakes up to find out that he is in the year 1972. He comes to discover his old residence is being occupied by his descendants. Barnabas gets close to them and tries to save their failing family business that the witch (who has also returned to get Barnabas) is deliberately trying to destroy.
   Depp and his co- stars will be walking down the red carpet at the “Dark Shadows” premier on May 11. It is predicted to be a great movie that the whole family can enjoy.

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