Friday, November 9, 2012

Earth science getting creative

By Megan Mobley

     Maudie Moore’s Earth Science class has been studying elements that were assigned to them. Moore gave her students a list of data questions about the elements that they were to answer. Once answered, class members drew 20 circles with a triangle in the middle. Then they folded the circle on the lines of the triangle, and they stapled the folded edges together to make a ball. The research information was written in the middle, creating a ball of facts. The students also had the choice of coloring them. It’s not just fun to look at, it’s educational.
      Senior Hayley Blackshire enjoyed making the project. In comparison to regular work, she said,” I would rather do the ball. I learned more.”
       Projects help kids learn more than regular, boring, old schoolwork does. Kids aren’t interested in book work, they want to do something fun and creative. They pay more attention that way.

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