Friday, November 16, 2012

Students Bring Politics to Ripley High

By: Emily Goode
Living in the United States, the majority of teenagers are faced with the problems of the political world. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what’s happening in their own political lives. This is why teacher, Jason Ward, took action. He gathered two AP Government classes to create a mock debate.
In the process of creating the debate, three seniors were chosen by their class members to stand up to the job of representation. Zak Haga represented “Freedom”, Nate Starkey was called “The Nationalist”, and Michael Hellems represented “House”. They each had to research the candidate they were representing which, at the time, the student body was not aware of. The rest of the AP Government class was also doing their part to prepare for the performance. Finally, after all the hard work, the debates took place October 22 and 24.
After the riveting two day debate, the student body voted on which representive they thought deserved to be in charge. Everybody was informed that Zak Haga was the winning candidate. Also, it was made aware that he represented President Obama. He won over 56% of the student votes.
“The project would’ve been nothing without the class and the student body”, says Haga.
After the election Zak says, “I hope everyone who watched the debate got something from it and learned as much as I did from this experience.”
This debate was produced not only to inform students of political issues, it was also to let the students know that it’s acceptable to be part of any party, regardless of what their parents and friends are for.

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