Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Walking Dead devours ratings

“The Walking Dead”, AMC’s hit show, returned on October 14 to ravaging fans that brought the ratings to a record-high. The show, now in its third season, has gained a massive viewership due to the extraordinary content, unique to television, and also the ongoing comic series that began over a decade ago.
This season is set in a seemingly abandoned prison seven to eight months after the second season. Though little has been set up at this point (four episodes into the season), it’s obvious that the characters are exhausted and have been searching for refuge for many months. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the leader of the pack of survivors, seems to be dreading his child’s birth. In comparison, his pregnant wife, Lori Grimes (Sarah Callies), is considering the merits of raising a child in a world infested with the undead and, in the end, if it’s even worth it. The shocking deaths of two of the central members of the group and the impacts of these deaths have yet to be explored, but they will almost assuredly make for some dramatic television and lead to some very interesting stories. The other members of the supporting cast are also dealing with several issues and, of course, the ongoing zombie apocalypse.
On the other side of the character spectrum, Andrea (Laurie Holden) and new comer Michonne (Danai Guria) have just discovered a civilized town in the middle of the wasteland they have been forced to live in. The leader of this civilized town, the Governor, appears to have an underlying goal that hasn’t been revealed yet. It seems that eventually both character spectrums will converge and create one ongoing storyline for the rest of the season.
It seems that many events are occurring and much more are to come. This season has something the last season missed. The second season, set on a farm, seemed to drag horribly. Entire episodes went by without anything significant occurring and, only towards the end, did we finally receive some proper character development and, of course, a large amount of zombie carnage. Compared to the brilliant first season which balanced character development, plot, and the ever-growing body count in a nearly flawless way, season two lacked immensely. At this point we are too early into season three to really judge its merit, but it’s already obvious that we are in for a much more exhilarating and brutal season than the second and possibly even the first, as proved by the harrowing fourth episode.
The third season is just getting started, but it’s already captivated a large audience as proved by its 10.9 million viewers for the premier and the continually great ratings it has received with each preceding episode. Though the fates of the characters are never certain, “The Walking Dead” will assuredly be revived for many more seasons.

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