Monday, March 18, 2013

Art students shoot for third year win in Junior Duck Stamp

By: Tabitha Hudnall
    Every year since 1993, the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service has sponsored the Junior Duck Stamp contest. Since then it has grown massively, and students across the nation participate.
“It would be really nice to win the contest,” stated Drew Scherr who has a painting entered in the contest. “The money will help me to get out of here and start my college career.”
Zeke Freshour 2012 Duck Stamp State Winner
   There are 100 awards for each state, district, or territory. Also, there are 12 first place, 12 second place, and 12 third place winners. Up to 64 honorable mentions will be chosen. One design will be selected from the 12 first place winners, which is “Best of Show.”
   The winning piece of artwork is shrunk down and turned into a stamp that is sold across the nation. The Junior Duck Stamps are sold for $5 each. The revenue earned from these Duck Stamps is returned to states for funding of environmental and conservation education programs.
   “We have been doing the duck stamp contest since about 2000, and so far we have done great. There have been a couple students who have placed first and second, and our school has had a first place winner for the past two years at the state level,” stated art director Debbie Sisson.
   Zeke Freshour, who graduated in 2012, was a two-time Junior Duck Stamp Contest winner.

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