Monday, March 4, 2013

Earth Day art show to be held in April

By: Samantha Miller

During the week of April 22, 2013, an art show will be held in honor of Earth Day. It will take place in the school library and will be free of charge to attend. All pieces on display will be eco-themed.

      “We held a similar art show right before Christmas and were excited about the number of participants. Students who don’t often look at art were having great discussions about the pieces on display. The last one was themed ‘Home and Family’,” Emily Okes said.
English teachers Okes and Kelley Adcock organized the previous show.
      “We wanted an opportunity for students to see the visual arts and the talents this school has,” Adcock stated.
Last year’s show featured both student pieces and museum prints, and this year’s will too. But, there will be more pieces collected from the student body this time around.
      “We hope to use more student art in this next show,” Okes said.

Elizabeth Knox, Junior, was one of the students whose piece was chosen to be put on display in last year’s show.
      “It made me feel really good about myself and my work because only a handful of student art was selected and mine was one of them,” Knox stated.

Earth Day takes place April 22 every year. It was founded in 1970 as a day to be educational about issues in the environment. Earth Day is now celebrated all over the world; it is occasionally extended into Earth Week – seven whole days of green awareness.


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