Friday, March 15, 2013

How has technology changed in high school education?

By: Leah Johnson
   Technology through the years has changed in schools. Teachers and students use ipads, and laptops for many things. We use computers, laptops for writing assignment, to do papers, to look up information for projects. Teachers use computers and other devices for grading papers and they use their computers for everything. The computers are now up to date and some teachers now have newer computers. The library now has eBooks now you can use for school work. Teachers and students now use flash drives instead of floppy disks, they have Elmo’s where you hook them up to the TV, and teachers can put their work under it so students can see it on the TV.
   Spanish teacher Samara Woods says, “I-pads and smart phones weren’t available five to ten years ago. “The overheads have changed and now are called Elmo’s.  She’s getting an apple box for her to be able to use her i-pad.
   Science teacher Maudie Moore says, “In her senior classes they use test responders to take tests so it doesn’t take up too much time. The i-pads offers more hands on/ interactions activities.”
   The newer technology is much better; it can help you study and help you pass your classes. The i-pads show examples faster to larger groups. The technology saves paper, trees, and money. It helps some students visually than lecture/ out loud, showing us how to do it instead of them telling us.
   There are a few problems with the new technology. Some teachers struggle to adapt to the new i-pads or Elmo’s. The student’s safety and security online or protecting expensive equipment. Some of the students don’t like the newer technology.

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