Friday, March 15, 2013

I.D. cards needed for various reasons

By:  BayleeVanKirk

   Recently the school has made us start using our I.D. cards for getting breakfast and lunch.  Many students usually disregard this because the school still gives us food.  Even if you lose your card the only thing that you really have to have it for is the library and most kids just avoid it if they lose the card.  Our librarian, Gail Benford, only makes about 100 replacement cards per year.  There are surely more people that lose them, but they do not care because they do not use them.
   “It does not really affect me in school.  I pack my own lunch and only use books from other teachers,” said junior MikaylaPursley who lost her I.D. card.
   Most students, if not all, would be fine if we got rid of the cards all together, but they do not realize that it helps with security.  Having a picture of you on something that you can carry around is proof of identification.It is good for the school to have your picture in the system to help administrators identify you and to get to know you better.  It also provides a recent picture for law enforcement if anything would happen to you.
   The school does not deny you food if you forget your card; they just make you walk around the cafeteria.  They cannot legally keep you from eating so what is the point in using them?  For one it speeds up the line by not having to take the time for secretary Anna Hannah to type all of the students’ lunch numbers in her computer.  Another is it teaches responsibility by keeping your card for a specific reason.
   The school system gives you a free card with your name, birth year, and a picture of you, and all you have to do is not lose it.  In most cases people do not lose their driver’s license, so what is the difference with the I.D. card? 
   “The card only helps when I need research for a project, I pack my own lunch so it has no other use to me,” stated senior Andrew Newhart.

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