Monday, March 4, 2013

Meth outbreaks in West Virginia

By: Emily Goode
   In West Virginia we have beautiful land and kindhearted people for the most part.  Besides these good characteristics in our state, we also have a handful of trouble in our neck of the woods.  West Virginia has a growing problem with meth.

   Over the last year, West Virginia meth labs have increased by more than 50 percent, according to drug specialist, Dan Foster.  This drug is rapidly growing and draining the people of West Virginia, which is why Foster has released the prescription “PSE” to the media.  This over the counter drug was created to relieve stress on the public health system.  It is said to help decrease the addiction to those willing to take it.

   Meth can cause major health issues such as “meth mouth”, which is when all your teeth fall out due to an abnormally dry mouth caused by the drug.  It also makes patient people become paranoid and have an abnormally destructive edge.  Hypertension and heart problems are other issues resulting from meth use according to the Narcotics Anonymous World Services.
  Living in areas where these drugs aren’t uncommon, we have to decide for ourselves whether we want to ruin our lives, face the possibility of death, or if we want to continue to be clean and set a better example for the younger generation.

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