Monday, March 18, 2013

Students abusing school with trash

By: Megan Mobley
   All of us have heard the announcements made about the trash around the school. Principal Will Hosaflook comes on the intercom and tells us that we need to pick it up or some of our prized privileges will be taken away. We always freak out about it, but he has every right to take them away if needed. That’s the way to get things done.
   Students who have community service are told to clean the school. Some of them do a good job while some of the others barely try because they think that we shouldn’t be forced to do this. However, the students are the ones who trash the school, so we should be the ones to clean it up.
   If you look at the back of the Viking statue sitting in our lobby you’ll see that garbage has been shoved in the crevices of its back. The Forestry class of ’99 made this magnificent statute for us and students decided to just trash it. There is gum all over the back, but since nobody can see it they think its ok. That is something with history and they decided to ruin it. Whoever is doing it should be ashamed of themselves.
   Then there is the gum all over the ground. Some of it is dried up, while there is the occasional new piece that nobody wants to step in, but somebody inevitably does. Nobody wants to step in the disgusting wet gum that who-knows-who had just had in their mouth. Then there is the gum that is under the desks. We reach under there and sometimes stick our fingers in a new or old piece. Either way it’s still gross. Most of the time there is a trashcan sitting three feet away but they’re just too lazy to walk over to it and throw their gum away. It’s not that hard, I promise.
   Occasionally, there are the few pieces of trash that litter our hallways. Students decide they don’t want to carry it around until they get a chance to throw it away so they just casually throw it on the ground and walk away. With about a thousand kids in the hallway at once you can’t really tell who did it. Sometimes it falls out of our lockers and we don’t notice, but any kid can pick it up. Any kid could throw it away, they just decide not to. Sometimes it’s because of the traffic in the halls and we don’t really have time to bend down and get it, but other kids do. If you’re in the back of the pack and there aren’t a bunch of kids behind you, pick it up and throw it away. You’re always near a trash can whether it’s in the hall or in a classroom, it doesn’t matter. Just pick it up.
   Senior Andrew Newhart feels that people should properly throw their trash away. He thinks that there should be more accessible trashcans or put the ones we do have in better locations. “If the mess is bad enough, then yes, they should be punished. If they throw a candy wrapper on the ground or something they should just be told to pick it up but if they throw the bag from bagged lunch on the ground then they should get a day of lunch detention,” Newhart replied when asked if we should punish them and how.
   Students have the opportunity to throw things away at all times. We shouldn’t leave trash all around the school because it makes us look bad. If you see something lying in the hallways pick it up. If you can’t throw it away right then take it with you until you can. It really isn’t that hard and it won’t take time out of your oh so busy schedules. Do something for the school that does things for you all the time, throw your trash away.

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  1. Having spent 23 years as a state Natural Resources Police Officer, aka: Conservation Officer, aka: Game Warden to most older folks, I have seen some very trashy places in our great State of West Virginia. I have spent many hours watching an illegal roadside trash dump to catch someone throwing trash out, and I must say I did catch some after hours of no activity, and issued citations for illegal dumping, littering or what ever charges were appropriate. It breaks my heart to see people trashing our beautiful state after being in many foreign countries that were totally trashed. I take great pride in our State and our USA and nothing gets my blood pressure up quicker than a Litter Bug. Now is the time to make a lifelong decision of whether you want to live in a trashy state or a clean beautiful state. The habits you form now will stick with you for the rest of your life in most cases. Take a little pride in yourself. Do not tolerate people who want to trash your school, your cities, and your country. I have been in many schools in WV and most of them are as clean and trash free as the floor in the operating room of a hospital. I wish I could say the same about our school here. It doesnt have to be that way. There are plenty of trash cans here, but that excuse wouldnt hold water anyway. No one should be throwing trash out here period. It's a matter of PRIDE, and besides that it is the LAW!
    Thank you and Good Luck to all!
    Deputy Armstead, PRO