Monday, March 18, 2013

YouTube’s Hidden Talent: Lindsey Stirling

By: Logan Moore

   Have you ever heard a violin mixed with hip hop music? YouTube is a fantastic website for showing off talented people; many times there are celebrities made from putting videos of them showing off their unique talents on YouTube. Lindsey Stirling, a 26-year-old musician from California, is no exception. Stirling is a violinist, dancer, composer, and performer all wrapped up in one person. She plays a variety of music, mixing her amazing violin skills with pop songs, hip hop, video game themes, and acoustic themes.
   Stirling has an album on iTunes that was released September 19 of last year. It has sold very well and includes all of her popular songs from her YouTube channel. Her most popular song, “Crystallize”, has over 47 million views. It mixes classical violin with dubstep, which may sound very strange. I’ve never been a fan of dubstep, but when mixed with the violin in this way I can not only handle it, but enjoy it; albeit, it’s used in small amounts.
   Not only is her music great, but so is her personality. According to her website,, her music is “a reflection of her personality,” which is definitely shown through each of her songs. She is vibrant, exciting, deep, and enthusiastic, all of which add up to a wonderful personality. She has been playing since the age of six, which has paid off after her years of practice and dedication. Her inspiration comes from composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchailkovsky, who she listened to constantly as a young girl.
   Stirling is quickly rising to fame from her YouTube channel, appearing as a finalist on “America’s Got Talent,” and performing across the globe in countries such as Italy, England, and Kenya. If you don’t know about her already, I strongly suggest finding her YouTube channel Lindseystomp and listen to a couple of songs. She is currently on a U.S. tour and traveling the country to play in music halls and theaters. Many of her performances are sold out as she moves towards Ohio in the coming week.

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