Friday, April 26, 2013

'Injustice' soars above competition

By:  Faythe Maston
   Everybody wants to be the hero, right? Well, in NetherRealm’s newest video game, you can. As your favorite DC Comics characters you go toe-to-toe with fellow heroes and villains. Welcome to “Injustice:  Gods Among Us,” the newest love letter for comic book and brawler fans everywhere. Injustice”, rated T, was released on April 16 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii U. A separate version of the game was released for iOS April 3.
   The game opens with a shot of the destroyed Daily Planet building and the TV headline “Metropolis Destroyed, Millions Dead.” The shot then turns to Gotham City, where Batman is interrogating the Joker about where he got the nuke used on Metropolis, when a furious Superman arrives and begins to attack the Joker. Through his next couple of lines, it is revealed that Joker drugged Superman, who in the haze killed his wife, Lois, and his unborn child. Joker continues to taunt Superman asking him if he’ll “ever love again?”, to which Superman pins Joker to the wall. The screen fades to black as Superman kills Joker, by seemingly ripping his heart out. From here on, the characters begin to split between Superman’s Regime, aiming to preserve order through violence, brutality, and fear, and Batman’s Insurgency, who decides to fight back against Superman’s near tyrannical rule. As Batman’s army discovers a gateway to an alternate reality where Joker’s plan failed, they decide to use it to help them bring down Superman.
  The fights for “Injustice” take place on a two-dimensional plane, but the environments are modeled in three-dimensions with environmental hazards that can be used in combat. Fights consist of one round, but each player has two health bars and a “super meter” that allows special attacks and can be wagered in events known as Clashes to break or interrupt combos. The characters playable include famous characters such as Superman, Batman, and Joker, while also including characters like Shazam, Raven, and Solomon Grundy. The combat of Injustice divides the playable roster into two sections: “power characters”, who use raw strength and abilities to win, and “gadget characters”, who use weapons, items, and other abilities to win. For example, a “gadget character” could cause a car to explode, while a “power character” could pick up the same car and smash their opponent with it. The controls buttons will be used to activate light, medium, and heavy attacks, along with a “character trait” button that causes a unique ability to activate. Lastly, by connecting a heavy attack at the end of the stage, players will be sent to another area of the arena with new traps and tricks.
     Numerous pre-order bonuses and downloadable content were released when the game hit shelves. These DLC packs include things such as alternate outfits, extra missions, and a “zombie mode.” A season pass is also being offered that will allow discount prices on up-and-coming DLC, including new characters, like Lobo. So far, “Injustice” has been awarded high praise at the time of its release. Many reviews cite the excellent combat as being similar to the famous “Mortal Kombat” series. However, reviews are debatable on the perfection of the Clash System and the storyline’s believability.  
   “Injustice” was announced on May 31, 2012. However, it did not gain a following until a demo for the game was showed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which was held June 5-7. So far the game promises to push the T rating with crazy, comic-book-style action sequences. Either way, the game is sure to become popular as we see our favorite superheroes face-off. With the high amount of buzz that the game has generated, Injustice has a high standard to fill.

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