Friday, April 26, 2013

Kevin Ware comes close to ending his career

By: Emily Goode
   Imagine being a great college basketball player. You have everything to gain, and in a moment when you are expecting triumph, you fail. This is just a small bit of Kevin Ware’s story. After playing for the Louisville Cardinals for a year and a half, and having minimal injuries, Ware basically snapped his leg in two. This crazy, tragic event took place April 1 against the Duke University Blue Devils.
   Ware is a respected player of his team. He plays as a starter, which led him to his horrific injury. With 6:33 left in the first half, he landed awkwardly while trying to block Duke’s guard, Tyler Thorton. This caused him to break his lower right leg.
   The fans in the stands gasped, and some even cried. Ware’s fellow players grimaced and turned their heads from the scene. It took about 10 minutes to clear him from the floor. Afterwards, the rest of the game went up for the Cardinals. They made their comeback, when they had been losing, to win the final score. The victorious game is now known as the greatest game in NCAA, as well as the break was known as the most gruesome in basketball history.
   Over the next couple of days, Ware received numerous “get well” cards from fans and loved ones. He also received tweets from other major basketball players like Kobe Bryant and a condolence tweet from NFL player Joe Theismann.
   “My heart goes out to Kevin Ware,” tweeted Theismann.
   Although the injury was unfortunate and had a terrible timing, Ware’s athletic director says there are no long term effects. People say everything happens for a reason. It’s a possibility that the reason for his injury was to motivate his players to win the game. Without Ware’s injury to encourage them to win, they might have lost.


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